Balancing the brain brings Balance back into life...

A balanced brain become a valued servant of the heart, opening up greater levels of intellegence.

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Mindsync binaural beats

MindSync® uses the very latest in sound technology to assist the listener to access precise brain states on demand. Be it Beta for concentration and learning, or Alpha for memory or visualisation, or Theta for deep spiritual meditation, healing and super-consciousness, or Delta for out of body experience or deep sleep, MindSync® audio programs are there for you to unlock your full potential and live life to its optimal potential!

  • Sleep
  • Sport
  • Healing
  • Memory
  • Weight Loss
  • Concentration
  • Goal Manifestation
  • Life Purpose
  • Stress Relief
  • Meditation



MindSync® uses unique computer aided auditory technology to assists the brain to the optimal brain wave pattern for deep relaxation & visualisation.

Brain waves

The technology gently and safely takes the brain rhythms down to the relaxed Alpha, and Theta brain states ideal for unlocking your subconscious Mind Power.


theta brain


Binaural beats influence the brain through the entrainment of brainwaves, and additional benefits include reduced anxiety and provide other health benefits such as control over pain.

In addition to lowering the brain frequency to relax the listener, there are other uses for binaural beats. For example, that by using specific frequencies an individual can stimulate certain glands to produce desired hormones. Beta-endorphin has been modulated in studies using alpha-theta brain wave training, and dopamine with binaural beats. Among other uses, there are reducing learning time and sleeping needs (theta waves are thought to improve learning, since children, who have stronger theta waves, and remain in this state for a longer period of time than adults, usually learn faster than adults; and some people find that half an hour in the theta state can reduce sleeping needs up to four hours; similar to another method of achieving a theta state, e.g. meditation;) some use them for lucid dreaming and even for attempting out-of-body experiences, astral projection, telepathy and psychokinesis.

Alpha-theta brainwave training has also been used successfully for the treatment of addictions.

An uncontrolled pilot study of Delta binaural beat technology over 60 days has shown positive effect on self-reported psychologic measures, especially anxiety. There was significant decrease in trait anxiety, an increase in quality of life, and a decrease in insulin-like growth factor-1 and dopamine[1] and has been successfully shown to decrease mild anxiety. A randomised, controlled study concluded that binaural beat audio could lessen hospital acute pre-operative anxiety.

Another effect for sound induced brain synchronization is enhanced learning ability. It was proposed in the 1970s that induced alpha brain waves enabled students to assimilate more information with greater long term retention. In more recent times has come more understanding of the role of theta brain waves in behavioural learning. The presence of theta patterns in the brain has been associated with increased receptivity for learning and decreased filtering by the left hemisphere. Based on the association between theta activity (4–7 Hz) and working memory performance, biofeedback training suggests that normal healthy individuals can learn to increase a specific component of their EEG activity, and that such enhanced activity may facilitate a working memory task and to a lesser extent focused attention.

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