Snatam Kaur

Her voice is so filled with love and presence that it can transport you to a state bliss in no time at all.

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Amrit Vela: Sadhana Chants - Snatam Kaur

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Sadhana In Sadhana the Sadhu lives. In Sadhana the nectar of God's Love rains down. In Sadhana come the blessings of Simran,Awareness, and Divine... More

Kundalini Yoga: Healthy Body Fearless Spirit - Gurmukh and Snatam Kaur

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Kundalini Yoga : Healthy Body Fearless Spirit is a 90-minute yoga class to help build your immune system, detoxify from the inside out, and clear the way to... More

Live From Spirit Fest CD

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Featuring: Snatum Kaur, Mirabai Ceiba, Guru Ganesha Singh and many others. In Fall 2010, Spirit Voyage presented the first Spirit Fest (now being called... More

Ras - Snatam Kaur

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'Ras' translates as the 'Sublime Essence of God's Name.' On this release, you can feel that sublime essence in every note. Snatam's voice is open and filled... More

Shanti the Yogi – Mountain Adventure – Snatum Kaur DVD

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In this beautifully filmed and illustrated DVD, Snatam Kaur takes children on a mountain adventure with Shanti the Yogi. As children enter Shanti's world... More