John Homewood

John Homewood, international inspirational speaker, corporate trainer, personal growth facilitator and spiritual life coach. He is also an entrepreneur and founder of Mind Enhancement Systems and Wisdom to Nourish, with an online shop www.wisdomtonourish.com


John Homewood Spiritual Life Coach and Teacher

John’s early career in the corporate world was a steady climb from sales to senior management, and by the age of 33 was a director of a publicly listed company before leaving to start his own company.

Today John works in the personal growth industry and has a passion for expanding people's awareness and understanding their own inner potential. John has the gift of imparting deep truths in an easy and understandable way, and his retreats leaves participants uplifted, inspired and bathed in the light of presence awareness with a deeper understanding of who and what they really are as well as what their real life purpose is.

John facilitates several workshops, including the EFFECTIVE SPEAKING & PRESENTATION SKILLS seminar, plus the powerful personal transformational workshop: AWAKENING SHIFT EXPERIENCE Self-Realisation workshop/retreats, which leads participants into self-realisation and deep soul-healing. He also conducts seminars on relationships as well as health and healing, with a focus on dealing with and healing cancer.

John Homewood developed the MindSync® range of audio programs, which use unique audio technology and guided imagery to take the listener in to the powerful, but illusive Theta brain wave state. There are 10 programs in this range, each focusing on a different aspect of life, from meditation to healing to finding direction and life purpose as well as dealing with issues such as terminal disease, relationship, loss and grief.


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#1 AWAKENING: THE SHIFT EXPERIENCE – Self Realisation Experiential Retreats

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THE AWAKENING SHIFT LEADS PARTICIPANTS TO: Raising awareness of the Power of Presence in healing not only our own life, but also our loved ones... More

Beyond The Secret…to Life Abundance - John Homewood
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A powerful but condensed booklet written by John Homewood which gives greater context and insight into how we co-create our reality. This booklet also... More

Effective Public Speaking, Presentation & Communication Skills - 2 Day Training
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Next Course Dates: CAPE TOWN - Rondebosch: Tue 24 - Wed 25 January 2017... More

Finding Good in Grief & Turmoil

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Many people are being challenged at this time; many souls are choosing to leave this incarnation at this time... Many people are experiencing loss and... More

GO WITHIN mountain retreat & Adams Calendar visit

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A special 4 day mountain retreat at one of South Africa's oldest sacred site - the Adams Calendar   Thurs16 - Sun 19 June 2016 Kaapsehoop,... More