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"Did you know that it is not necessary to kill cancer cells because cancer cells can be reverted into healthy cells? You probably think this is impossible because cancer is caused by DNA damage. Nope. DNA damage cannot occur until after the cell is already cancerous.... The reason the media blacklists the truth about the 90% cure rate treatments is that the media is owned by multi-billionaires and the treatments that have 90% cure rates are not profitable enough to satisfy their lust for profits. People who trust the media, and who trust the multi-billionaires who own the pharmaceutical industry, have a 3% chance of surviving their cancer for 5 years!!" - http://www.cancertutor.com/


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In healing cancer there are 7 vital steps along the road to health...


1. Detoxing and cleansing the body (starting with the liver). Eliminating all sugars is very necessary. (click here for more info)

2. Oxygenating the body

3. Alkalising the body

4. Feeding the body - with the right nutriments and minerals

5. Elimination - cleaning the liver, colon and intestines of toxins and old faecal matter

6. Clearing the mind & emotions that created the imbalance in the first place

7. Clearing and dissolving all mental and emotional attachments to the past by fully aligning with Presence/Spirit (Click here to find out how)

Please see my Blogs for in-depth info on these 7 steps


 Healing is a not merly a physical body event;

it is a complete journey into wholeness.

"Remember through all of this, healing is a journey back to wholeness, and it’s not about 'a destination'; it’s not about ‘one day when’!  It's about bringing Presence and Life back into your awareness.

It's about bringing your attention back to the present moment; this alignes you with Spirit.

The present moment is where your power to heal lies." John Homewood



Please read this article and listen to this interview with New York City physician and cancer specialist Dr. Nick Gonzalez who has had remarkable success treating some of the most difficult to treat cancer patients using his three-pronged nutritional approach; for example, pancreatic cancer patients treated by Dr. Gonzalez have survived for two to five years, as compared to similar patients receiving chemotherapy, who typically do not survive beyond 18 months

Kelley Treatment: The Cancer Treatment So Successful - Traditional Doctors SHUT It Down


Below are some must watch video clips...




From Surviving to Thriving. Those dealing with cancer can find a "turning point" or spiritual understanding that can be used to promote healing and to find the unrealized dream within that can provide inspiration.

mind body spirit triangle


 Please visit my Blog (on the right hand side of my Home page) for further in depth articles.  Click the 'View All' icon. The one on Juicing is particularly helpful, as its the best platform to start cleansing and feeding the body.

Also, having your vit D3 levels checked is vital.  In order to ward off cancer your blood levels of vit D3 should be between 60 - 120.  For more info on this amazing life saving vitamin  click here


Watching this 4 ½ minute trailer could save your life....


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Chris Wark cures himself of stage 3 colon cancer...



Angelina Jolie - The Biology of Belief...


Within one generation breast cancer could be reduced by 82%.  Why aren't we doing it?  Could it be money??





Education is strength

Curing Lung Cancer...



  Also please look through my 

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I would recommend this website for further infomation: http://www.cancertutor.com/

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