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Date added: 08/02/2017 What is so magical about HOGSBACK?

Magical Sacred Hogsback

There is magic...
Driving up into the dreamy magical mists of the Amathole Mountains from Alice towards the Eastern Cape village of Hogsback, you find yourself in another realm.

Named after the three distant ridges of the Amathole range of mountains that resemble the back-outlines of running wild pigs, the little town of Hogsback has become an arts and crafts colony, a photographer’s preferred location, a nature lover’s haunt and a honeymoon couple’s top choice of romantic hideaway in the Eastern Cape.

Most of the older Hogsback gardens are inspired by the gardens of England.

Many people connect South Africa-born author JRR Tolkien's fantasy world, Middle-earth (the setting of The Lord of the Rings and other works), with this little village deep in the Eastern Cape forests. Some say his son was a British air force officer in these parts, and that he sketched scenes from Hogsback and sent them home to his father.

It doesn't really matter. Within an hour of arriving up here, you just know there have to be fairies, trolls, elves and wizards lurking about in these woods.

And when you go looking for lodgings, you come across charmingly named places called Arminel, Away with the Fairies, the Eco-Shrine, Camelot, Lothlorien, King's Lodge and Nutwoods.

Like any enchanted forest, the walks are legendary. They vary from easy strolls to longer, more challenging adventures – all usefully graded.

It's the custom to buy a walking stick – a traveller's memento – from one of the crafters in the village.

When you visit the Eco-Shrine, greet the angels at the gate, walk the Labyrinth and the 400m garden meander called the Fairy Realm, look out for the rare Cape parrot, and feel the magic.

Hogsback was named, it is said, for the three ridges on the Amathole Mountains that resemble the outlines of a hog's back. These mountains are the spiritual domain of the Xhosa people, who call this area Qabimbola (after the red clay from the area they adorn their faces with).

Hogsback Awakening

And when the mountain mists clear, you're left with an astounding view of waterfalls, valleys and one of South Africa's most prized forest strongholds.
Info from SouthAfrica.net

 (Where is Hogsback?)

Don't miss this opportunity to shift your life...
There is still time to reserve your place:

 Experience the Magic of Deeper Awakening in Hogsback

with International spiritual teacher and healer, integrative lifecoach, counsellor, and founder of Wisdom to Nourish

Drawing on John’s own deep wisdom and insights plus the wisdom of the ancient Mayan civilization, the Native American Hopi, Eckhart Tolle  and teachings from A Course in Miracles, these powerful workshops provide insights and tools for personal transformation in these challenging times.

      The Edge Mountain Retreat
    Hogsback Eastern Cape
Frid 17th - Sun 19th March 2017
4pm Fri - to Sun 4.00pm - residential


      You deserve a 'Shift'....invest in yourself
 with 2 days of spiritual nourishment and mental upliftment....
 Cost:  R3 600.00*   

  Incl. 2 nights accommodation*, 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches
plus teas, snacks, retreat manual, music/meditation CD
 *single room with bathroom - upgrade option at additional cost if preferred.
  @ The Edge Mountain Retreat Hogsback (click to see how magnificent it is)

Easy payment option: 3 x R1300
 Bookings & enquiries: liz@wisdomtonourish.com     082 6246249

 For more retreat info and pictures click here

 Also coming up...

Johannesburg - Fourways

Fri 17 - Sun 19 Feb 2017
Frid 5pm – 8pm, Sat 9am – 6pm, Sun 9am – 3.30pm

Nothing will really change till we shift our consciousness
Now is the time to shift and awaken to your true life purpose...

Powerful & Life-changing weekend experience of Healing and Awakening

“Thanks again for an awesome and transformational workshop, you have equipped me with the tools I need as well as helped me understand a whole lot more. In Divine Love Harishnee”

John Homewood

 Cost: R2 500*
incl. healthy lunches, teas, manual and meditation CD
Credit card payment acceptable
*EASY PAYMENT SPECIAL: R835 x 3 months
*Talk to us if finances are an issue - we never turn anyone away - we can always make a plan to suit your pocket


    Heal all that blocks you from true inner peace
    Awaken to your true creative abundance
    Awaken to your true Self

the AWAKENING SHIFT helps you to find answers to three questions
that will changes your life...

    Who are you?
    What do you really want?
    What is your life's purpose?


The uncovering of these answers is a liberating and powerful experience which changes not only the way we see ourselves, but also the way we see others and the world as a whole.


 AWAKENING SHIFT - Self Realisation workshops and retreats are enlightening, experiential and promote huge life shifts...

Highly recommended  for Life Coaches, Psychologists, Healers, Teachers and normal everyday people seeking to shift and deepen their awareness and healing, and uncover a new understanding of who and what they are in truth.

During the AWAKENING workshop, you will be gently guided through:

The Power of Forgiveness, The Power of Acceptance, The Power of Surrender, The Power of Allowing, Presence Meditations, The Path to Healing (including the powerful yet simple Hawaiian healing process known as Ho’oponopono), Dealing with Grief, Presence Practices, True Life Purpose, Finding Peace, What is Love?, What is God?, Who are You? Why are you Here?

  "Thank you, so much, John & Liz, for the awesome Awakening!  As I said, I thought I got so much from my first Shift Experience, and yet this time I got so much more! How wonderful!!"- Jenni Burridge New Insights Certified VIP Life Coach

"There are no words to describe the love that has opened up inside of me and the gratitude for all I have and all I am and for you who helped awaken this.  Thank you thank you thank you! Love Charene"

“I am blessed to be able to attend and to be among beautiful souls... John you are such a high light when sharing your wisdom and knowledge.  You just opened a door; you just gave me answers to my questions I’d had for years!
Thank you!!
I am changed…”

Zoliswa Nisele – May 2016

 Are you ready to awaken to your own magnificence?
Dissolve your old paradigm…and heal now.
Shift now and live your true potential…

KZN - Ixopo

Frid 7 - Sun 9 April 2017
In the Buddhist tradition you just pay for your accommodation plus make a donation towards the teachers.

Bookings & Enquiries for BRC - brcixopo@futurenet.co.za

Buddhist retreat Centre - Awakening with John Homewood

What people say:

  'Hi John,  I attended your Shift Experience  in January 2012– and it had a massive impact on my life: I stopped searching and started living!...
With warm regards Snowy Krüger MARKETING MANAGER: BOKOMO FOODS '

"Inspiring, life-changing - thank you it was awesome!" - Vuyo Dyasi

 "...and I want to thank you sincerely for the healing that you made possible for me through your excellent,compassionate and enlightening workshop!"
- H. Pretorius


Don't miss this talk:

Until we find our inner compass how can we choose the paths we need to take?


Letting go of fear of uncertainty opens us up to greater levels of creativity and abundance. This evening John Homewood will be sharing the 3 steps in transcending our fears and becoming comfortable with change. John will also be providing a valuable key in manifesting what you really want in 2017.


When: Thurs. 16 February 2017

Where:   Sacred Touch Health & Wellness 41 Kei Rd, Benoni   Time: 10am – 12.30

Bookings: Hansa - hansabhika@gmail.com


Where:   SHANTHI SANCTUARY – 2 Eddy Ave Bedfordview Time: 7pm – 8.30pm
Bookings: Wendy whitsend@worldonline.co.za

Cost:   R100 - bring pen and paper.

Tea will be served

This talk will be repeated in Randberg & Rivonia
Details on enquiry 082 624 6249

Healing & Transcending Cancer workshop...

   The wisdom and tools to Heal Naturally
experience health and wellness for life…

(Healing cancer and other terminal conditions)

with integrative life coach and spiritual healer

Cape Town: Saturday 11 February 2017
9am - 1pm
Johannesburg: to be confirmed - email liz@wisdomtonourish.com

Cost: R450 p.p.

Bookings: liz@wisdomtonourish.com 082 624 6249John will be presenting the 7 vital steps to healing disease naturally
Liz presents Inner-Chi movement to release stuck energies
… plus much more...

This powerful mini-workshop looks at healing on four levels, and incorporates a specific focus on dealing with cancer:

BODY – mechanistic, diet, supplements etc

MIND – mind/body connection

SOUL – energetic healing

SPIRIT – spiritual healing – (Grace)

With cancer affecting now almost 1 in 2.6 persons in South Africa, it’s time to uncover a better way to healing cancer naturally, and experiencing health and wellness for life.

“While so much focus is placed on changing the physical cells in the quest to heal, it is to be understood that we are first and foremost spiritual beings on a soul journey.  As Einstein observed, “the field is the sole determinant of the particle”, meaning that all physical reality is predicated on a field of non-visible, non-physical energy, which physicist Max Planck called ‘the Matrix’.  I would suggest that this Field of energy should be the starting place of all healing, and not left till the end after all else has failed.” – John Homewood

There is a huge gift of soul growth and cleansing in the journey of healing, and this understanding needs to be incorporated into any healing regime.

In finding yourself or a loved one with serious illness there is a window of opportunity for immense transformation.

In this workshop John Homewood and Liz Kitching will provide insights and guidance on optimising healing at the physical cellular level.
In addition this workshop also includes profound insights and tools into the energetic aspect of this journey towards wellness and healing

There is a cure for cancer, and its not what the $100 billion a year cancer industry promotes.
Click here for more details

John’s talks & seminars leave you uplifted, informed and inspired.

Healing the gut and providing the necessary probiotics is vital for good health.
In this You Tube John Homewood explains how to make Kimchi, the best probiotic:

John Homewood is an international speaker and facilitator, integrative life coach, creator of MindSync® and founder of Wisdom to Nourish. He has the gift of imparting deep truths in an easy, understandable and applicable way.





Not in the area?
  John Homewood is available for private individual life-guidance consultations via Skype.

 email:   john@wisdomtonourish.com

Watch John's  You Tube clip of his essential teachings titled
       Love is a state of Being. Your love is not outside; it is deep within you. You can never lose it, and it cannot leave you. It is not dependent on some other body, some external form.
Eckhart Tolle     









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