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Date added: 20/06/2017 WE ARE ALL ADDICTED…


Hi Folks

Addiction seems like such a dirty word, and surely it doesn't apply to me you say!  But in truth most of us are addicted to something, if not several things, and that addiction controls us and distracts us from living our full potential.


“When you can no longer feel the life that you are,

you are likely to try to fill up your life with things.” – Eckhart Tolle

Addictions control so much of what we do, robbing us of the freedom to really choose our lives consciously. There are many addictions that control us - for example, sugar addiction is one of the strongest and even lies underneath as a root cause of alcohol addiction! Food addiction, work addiction, relationship addiction, religious addiction, sex addiction, internet addiction, romance addiction, drama addiction, etc are all just symptoms of a deeper disorder - the misperception that we just aren't good enough as we are combined with the lack of willingness to face and move through our buried pain. In this week's YouTube clip just posted I touch on this and how we can magically begin to heal from this pain.

As we participate in whatever we are addicted to, our level of presence decreases.  The question we have to ask ourselves is this: "Do I want to remain asleep or do I want to wake up; wake up to freedom; to peace, to the joy of living life unashamedly with full passion?"

So how can we free ourselves?  There are three steps I focus on here:

Prior to participating in the activity or substance that you are addicted to, first become aware of that which is pulling you towards that substance or activity.  Be it alcohol, food, the internet, work, sex, smoking etc. there is a feeling that is being covered up; a deep seated feeling that you can’t accept or allow in this moment.

Step one:

Find the feeling

The first step, if you really want to heal this, is to find that feeling, find it  prior to medicating it down. Be still for a few moments and see if you can experience that feeling directly.  Delay acting on that impulse to distract or medicate it away. Creating a gap between the impulse and the action, by delaying the gratification/urge, may gradually open up a space between you and the discomfort within you, which wants to be satiated.

Once identified, ask yourself, does this feeling come from a perception of some kind of emptiness within me? Or maybe some kind of emotional pain inside me?  Here, don't try to understand it or want to know where it comes from, just become aware of the feeling.  What does it feel like in just this moment now?

Step two:

Allow the feeling

Stay within that awareness of the feeling for a moment or two.  Allow this gap of direct perception, of feeling, to lengthen. Ask yourself, where in my body does this feeling, that doesn’t feel good, reside? Is there an organ within my body that it is attached to?  Bring your awareness from your head into your body for a moment.

Step three:


Surrender to a power higher and more powerful that the little ‘personality you’.

This step is vital, as the little egoic you that created the problem in the first place, and only by releasing our control to a higher level of intelligence can we truly ever heal. This ‘higher power’ can be conceptualised in whatever form you wish, be it God, Universal Love, Higher Self, Life etc. But handing over and surrendering the problem into bigger hands is vital.


The Power of Presence

In creating this gap of surrender and allowing in full present moment awareness, you are accessing a power within you and around you; a power of Divine Healing.  All that power requires is that your attention remains focused in that gap between the wanting and the doing for a short while; in the state of pure presence.  There is a real power in this state of open awareness. Providing you allow it, this power can come in and lessen the addictive pull towards that destructive and damaging behaviour. This is done with no efforting on your part.  It may take some practice and perseverance, but it will happen.  You are replacing pain with presence.

Bringing awareness to your old patterns is usually enough to start to breaking them.  Be aware of any thoughts that come into your head, like “I can’t stand this feeling anymore, I can’t tolerate this, I need to drink/eat/distract myself now” Don’t believe this thought, it's not the truth. It is just the mind.  Watch the mind.  Say “Isn’t that thought interesting. Is that really true?"

Now be aware of the still state of presence that opens up within you - allow that stillness within to heal you.  It does have an amazing power, provide you allow it. Be patient with yourself!

Allowing and having patience are attributes of love – you are starting to love yourself.  And love, here, is the answer to all addiction.

All addiction arises from a misperception of self; from a deep-seated lack of self-worth. Accepting ourselves exactly as we are in this moment is the key to bringing back self-love to our awareness. This is the key to healing - Invite presence back into your awareness, now.

Just a reminder of up-coming events:


July 21 – 22nd  - this powerful life-shifting workshop will be conducted in Glencairn, Cape Town.

November 3 – 5th GOING DEEPER in Hogsback EC. @The Edge Mountain Retreat.  Details on website.

Space is limited, so reserve your place now.

Talk: AURA MAGIC - What colour is your aura? 

July 13 Thurs Port Elizabeth – this evening looks at what is the aura and chakras and then I demo the BECTA biofeedback aura equipment on volunteer from the audience.  Venue and times to be confirmed. (and possibly also we may repeat this event in Mossel Bay)




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