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Date added: 06/07/2017 I FELL IN LOVE WITH A WAVE

One day, while walking along a beach, I came across the most beautiful wave - she was so serene.

I fell in love with that wave. 

For 11 years we flowed in sync with each other, supporting, and bringing each other to fullness through the ups and downs of life’s current and flow.

But, like all waves they have their beginning their middle and their endings, and that beautiful wave dissolved into the sands of time on the 25th April 2017.

So peaceful and calm she dissolved.

And her essence withdrew back from my grasp, back into the eternal Ocean from whence she arose, and left me standing on the shore, seemingly alone once more.

And, as I grieved the loss of my beautiful wave, feeling all the unbearable human pain of grief and abandonment, I looked, through the blur of my tears at the Ocean, and saw there, dancing in the ever present waters, Divine Love, laughing with creative joy, waiting to take birth in new form and once again journey through the sands of time in joyous abandon.

And, indeed, in that moment I saw I was the Ocean, and that the waves and Ocean are One.



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